Supply Chain Management

In the process of pursuing the company's sustainable growth, in addition to the necessary conditions such as competitive technology, quality, cost and delivery, it is also necessary to take an effect and impact of society and the environment.
Silitech will integrate the concept of sustainable development into the policy of supply chain management, and builds a supplier ESG risk assessment system. Raw material suppliers are required to provide relevant material verification certificates or materials that comply with environmental management substance in accordance with regulations, and no use of conflict-affected raw materials, and uphold the spirit of local procurement, reduce carbon emissions from transportation to reduce environmental impact, and create local job opportunities and economic prosperity. By regular risk assessment, suppliers can take some actions early, and prevent possible crises, and achieve sustainable supply chain management.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Sustainable Supply Chain Regulations

  • Integrity Commitment
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • RBA(Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct)
  • Contractor’s Safety and Health Responsibility Commitment

Environmental Sustainability

  • Environmental Hazardous Substance Survey
  • HSF Management Regulations
  • Restricted Chemical Substances Management
  • Non-Conflict Minerals policy

Green Supply Chain

  • Local Procurement
  • Procurement of Green Raw Materials
  • Packaging Material Recycling

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