Environmental Sustainability

Due to rapid global climate change, as a member of the world, we must fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. Accelerating the low-carbon transformation with SBT (Science-Based Targets) to reduce the impact on the environment. Silitech continues to promote greenhouse gas inventory and validation, with reduction strategies such as energy conservation, energy creation, energy purchase, negotiation, and offsetting, to follow the company's risk management, and discloses greenhouse gas inventory data regularly. And using PDCA management cycles to follow-up and well-controlled greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Policy

In order to maintain the ecological environment, while pursuing the corporate sustainability, Silitech is committed to environmental protection with a prudent attitude, and implements environmental management and pollution prevention to fulfill the responsibility for protection. Thus, we promises:
           a) Full participation
           b) Promotion of environmental protection  
           c) Energy saving and waste reduction
           d) Pollution prevention
           e) Compliance with laws and regulations
           f) Continuous improvement

In addition to implementing environmental management activities and the management of environmentally hazardous substances, and complying with local laws and customer requirements for environmental management of hazardous substances, we will improve environmental performance to fulfill the social responsibility of global citizens, and sincerely invite our suppliers and the general public love our only home - the earth.

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