Stakeholder Communication
Stakeholder Topics Communication Channel 2023 Actions and Results
Employees Employee benefits Establish Staff Welfare Committee, President as apparent member Staff Welfare Committee meetings: 12 times
Labor relations Employee/employer meetings Employee/employer meetings: 4 times
Effective communication Set up employee mailbox Establish effective communication channels and strengthen positive interaction with employees
Contact: Ms. Chang
Customers Customer relation management
  • Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct
  • Customer meetings quarterly and annually
Communicate the development blueprint, new product development, reliability and delivery date, etc., establish standard agreements with customers in compliance  with RBA
Contact: Mr. Yi 
Hazardous substance management
Certification of Hazardous substances Provide third-party professional certification of the Company's related products and components in compliance with the management of relevant hazardous substances
Suppliers Supplier management Supplier meetings regularly Communicate the past operating performance and the new year's business development goals
Financial performance & Corporate governance Shareholders’ meeting On time and in accordance with the law
Investors Conference Hold on 2023/12/15
Established spokesperson, and via the Company’s website, telephone, and fax Maintain positive and long-term interaction with investors
2023 interview records: 20
Contact: Ms. Hsieh Ext: 1674
Media Financial performance & Corporate governance Press releases monthly, and hold press conferences or press releases as needed Press releases on 6th each month in principle
Contact: Ms. Hsieh Ext: 1674
Non-profit organizations
Social citizenship
  • Various industry associations
  • Promote social participation and environmental protection activities
  • Participate in relevant associations such as the New Taipei City Chamber of Commerce, and make up a communication mechanism through various activities of related associations
  • Donation to PSA Charitable Foundation
  • Participate in activities of PSA Charitable Foundation

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